History of the Book of Leviticus

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Leviticus, the third book of the Pentateuch was written by Moses. The Hebrew title is "Wayyigra" and is translated,"And He called". The other variations for this book range from the Talmud referring to Leviticus as "The Law or Priests" and "The Law or the offerings". The Greek title in the Septuagint is "Leuitikon" meaning "That which pertains to the Levites". The Latin Vugate derived the name Leviticus which is the standard english form used today.
Ancient parallels to the Levitical Law of trespass offering have also been found in the Ras Shamra Tablets dated circa. 1400B.C. These tablets were found on the coast of Northern Syria.
The purpose of this book was to give the guidelines to living moral and ritual purity. When the Israelites maintained their purity, God would live among them and they could approach Him in worship. Through sacrifices they atoned their sins. This action did not earn them salvation, for salvation has been and is always a gift from God. 

These offerings were given by a redeemed nation to keep their relationship with the Living God.

As modern Christians, we need to learn a lot from this book. The importance of the Holiness of God, the requirement to strive for Holy Living, the cost of atonement and forgiveness, presenting the very best to God, and the generosity of God to His people. In the first part of Leviticus, we learn about the offerings to our God and the second part of the book is dedicated to instruction for living a Holy Life. 

Reading these principles of life gives us a better understanding on how to live our lives within God's Holy purpose.

Throughout Leviticus' chapters you will find links under certain verses that are cross-references. Click on them to see what other verses are like them.


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